All he remembered was the furtive encounter, the terror of discovery, the burning cigarette. . . and the voyeur on the fire escape plummeting to his death. For twenty years, Todd Mills was safe, closeted, building his career as a two-time Emmy Award-winning TV reporter. He had it all--until his double life became front-page news. Since his lover's murder, Todd hadn't worked. It was the first pause in his professional life.

Now he's out, warily beginning a romance with police detective Steve Rawlins, when an old friend, an ex-girlfriend, calls for help. The son she gave up for adoption years before has found her--and left his baby. Now she and the baby are being stalked by a cult of zealots who will stop at nothing to reclaim the child. But as Todd steps into the firing range of The Congregation, he's forced to face the nightmare of his own buried past, as murderous secrets return to kill again. . . .


EVAN AUSTIN, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR It couldn't be simpler. All Evan Austin needed to do was find R.J. Gibson before his eighteenth birthday and the kid would inherit a huge trust fund. Everybody would go home happy: R.J. would be set for life, the mom would appease her guilt, and maybe Evan would finally be able to put a tragic case from his past behind him. But nothing in life is ever that easy. Adding to the confusion are a young woman whose boyfriend liked to slap her around and the murder of an Assistant U.S. District Attorney, for which one of Evan's former clients is now a suspect. Throw in his growing attraction to R.J.'s guardian, artist Roman Cavanaugh, plus the Mariners having another really bad season, and Evan's got a bit more on his plate than he can handle. Not that it's ever stopped him before. The First Evan Austin Mystery.



The bestselling crime novels of New York life in the early nineties are back. Gruff, weary, gay Brooklyn Homicide cop Doug Orlando is facing his most shocking case: Rabbi Avraham Rabowitz lay in a pool of his own blood, a prayer shawl stuffed down his throat, and his beard shaved off. The question for Detective Orlando isn’t who hated the right wing religious sect leader—Rabowitz had been the open enemy of blacks, gays, pro-choice women, even fellow Jews. In a case that moves from the depths of the ghetto to the high-rise office of a real estate glamour-boy tycoon, the suspects come in every color and shade of belief. And unless Orlando can defuse a ticking time bomb of tension by nailing the killer, the melting pot of the city is going to melt down….

About the Author: Steve Neil Johnson is a novelist and screenwriter who has written 25 scripts for television and is the author of the Doug Orlando mysteries, FINAL ATONEMENT (Lambda Literary Award nominee) and FALSE CONFESSIONS. His other books include the thriller THIS ENDLESS NIGHT, the young adult novel RAISING KANE, and the middle-grade book EVERYBODY HATES EDGAR ALLAN POE! He was honored by The ONE Institute/The International Gay and Lesbian Archives for his contributions to gay literature. He is currently working on a four-part crime saga, The L.A. AFTER MIDNIGHT Quartet.


Teenage Gaylena Baldwin, brutally assaulted in an alley behind a 1920s speakeasy, gives birth nine months later. By the color of the baby's hair, she realizes he is the child of her sadistic seducer, Steve Bragg, and not her true love, Max Anders, whom, when she discover she was pregnant, she blackmailed into marrying her. The ensuing family drama takes a dark turn, leading to crime, alcoholism and for bastard son, Erik, gay coming of age. By the end of the story, the characters achieve hard-fought-for personal triumph.

The Author: My musical career started with a pushy opera singer, my paternal grandmother: of course for me, her favorite grandchild. There was a piano lesson while I sat on her lap in front of her Steinway, every day, sometimes twice a day starting whI was two and a half years old.

At the moment I turned four, she pushed me onto the stage to perform Mozart's Rondo a la Turca, at the local Grange Hall. From then on, year by year she arranged for performances at more sophisticated venues and elevated my repertoir to concert stage suitability until by the time I reached ten, I played a concerto with SYU orchestra.

Sixteen years zoomed by: the US Air Force, Korea, Japan, then University followed by eighteen years teaching in Canada, teaching piano master classes at Universities. Moved to La Jolla, low bordome threashold, became a successful abstract artist, endured four strokes, no more painting, no more piano and now I write all day, every day.

Cay Crime Fiction pg 4