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It seemed logical to expect that inquiries would pour into our clinic and the eager ears of my patient. After the phrase “AIDS-free generation” was repeated so many times at the 19th International AIDS Conference, and a cured patient attended for inspection. Aids patients keep waiting for a cure. But have realized what the conference made clear: that there is a huge gap between scientists’ and patients’ idea of cure. The drugs AIDS patients hate to take remain the only effective treatment to date knocks the scourge back, and have proven to be lifesaving. Studies show that patients treated with these drugs are less apt to transmit their infections. Uninfected people who take the medications correctly are not likely to become infected if exposed.

Thus emerged the vision of the AIDS-free generation, one in which H.I.V. transmission slows to a medication-induced crawl, while breakthrough cases are diagnosed promptly and medicated adequately enough to forestall disease progression to AIDS.

An AIDS-free generation will in fact be achieved only through H.I.V. drugs. And that is where HIV patients and their hate for taking for those medication is worrysome. The scarcity of the drugs remains a complication. Even though HIV victims feel well, they strive to forget about the disease, make sure nobody finds out about it and worry about the volume of chemicals in their bodies. Behavioral scientists would say he is not fully engaged in his care. In this he is far from exceptional: Some 80 percent of the H.I.V. infected U.S. population fall somewhere between full compliance with their physicians recommendations and disengagement thereby risking their own health and that of others, transmittingdrug-resistant virus. Could stem cell transplantation be routinely used for H.I.V. ? Probably not, but success in a handful of patients has inspired scientists to look carefully at similar eradication tatics.”


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