John duVal



My musical career started with a pushy opera singer, my paternal grandmother: of course for me, her favorite grandchild. There was a piano lesson while I sat on her lap in front of her Steinway, every day, sometimes twice a day starting. When I was two and a half years old.When I turned four, she pushed me onto the stage to perform Mozart's Rondo a la Turca, at the local Grange Hall. From then on, year by year she arranged performances at more sophisticated venues and elevated my repertoir to concert stage suitability until by the time I reached ten, I played a concerto with SYU Symphony Orchestra. Sixteen years zoomed by: the US Air Force, Korea, Japan, then University followed by eighteen years teaching in Canada, teaching piano master classes at Universities. Moved to La Jolla, low bordome threashold, became a successful abstract artist, endured four strokes, no more painting, no more piano and now I write all day, every day.

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